Writing Samples

2020 | 4 pages

Grant Proposal — Kenya to California and back: Translating lessons about migration and informal urbanism

This sample includes the three statements I wrote for a Fulbright research grant. The audience was the Selection Committee at the International Institute of Education (in the US State Department) and a government ministry in Kenya. I was a semi-finalist but ultimately was not selected.

The three statements are:

  1. Pages 1-2: The statement of grant purpose — a concise articulation of my research context, purpose, questions, and methods.

  2. Page 3: The personal statement — my motivation and goals, using storytelling techniques to tie it to my research proposal.

  3. Page 4: NatGeo storytelling fellowship statement — a proposal for a storytelling project to support interest in and the impact of my research.

Fulbright proposal
2014 | 6+ pages

Essay — Framing Slums: Explanations for why they exist, persist, and grow

Grad school essay about historical and contemporary theories on informal settlements

Essay - Framing Slums
2013 | 5+ pages

Memo — Strategies for curbing non-essential water use

Grad school assignment analyzing water use in Southern Nevada and recommendations for the most effective set of strategies to curb use.

Memo - Water Tax