May 2014  •  Website

Mapping [Dis]Investment in Mexico City

A team project for a web GIS course at UCLA. We built an interactive, web-based mapping platform for use by Mexico City policymakers and residents. 

The website is no longer being hosted by UCLA, and is therefore no longer accessible

See screenshots below

The site allowed residents to create data points about public infrastructure that were either assets or deficits. These points were overlaid on a spatial socioeconomic vulnerability index we created from Mexican census data, as well as points where current infrastructure projects were being built. Residents of the city could identify needed and/or successful infrastructure projects in real time from a computer or smartphone by searching for an address or pointing and clicking on the map and filling out a short questionnaire. The result was a powerful application for infrastructure investment in poorly developed urban and peri-urban neighborhoods throughout the dense metro area, designed to aid policymakers in identifying locations where investment was needed most and pinpointing where existing projects were successful. I designed the with a straightforward, sequenced layout, to allow lay people to bypass the technical skill required to map data, making important information available to policymakers at low cost (in theory).

Scroll through the images to see how the website worked...