New Gentrifiers? The Sociospatial Effects of Charter Schools in LA

JUNE 2015 | 150 PAGES | 8.5″ X 11″ SPREADS
Production methods: Adobe Illustrator and InDesign + ArcGIS Desktop
Ideal viewing format is as an Issuu book

I developed this project, in collaboration with the American Federation of Teachers, as my thesis for the Master’s in Urban and Regional Planning at UCLA. I analyze the role of charter schools in neighborhood change in Los Angeles, California. Work included creating longitudinal and spatialized datasets and analyzing demographic trends via advanced geospatial methods and descriptive and multivariate statistics.

I am working with Professor Michael Lens to further develop the research for publication in academic journals. The first of two articles we are working on is currently under review at the journal Education and Urban Society.

I also summarized the research in a blog for the Center for Cities and Schools at UC Berkeley, which you can view here.