Reports I wrote for the Mathare Social Justice Centre using data gathered by community researchers in Mathare (one of the largest informal settlements in Nairobi, Kenya).

Led a research project to produce a guide and videos for locally-led, inclusive and multisectoral upgrading for climate resilience in informal settlements in African cities.

Led an exploratory research project on climate-displaced people living in Kenya’s informal settlements.

How might we reimagine Los Angeles County’s commercial boulevards to address critical housing shortages and mobility challenges?

April 2019  •  Report

Large-scale corridors growth study in Central Ohio.

2019  •  Report chapter

Regional growth scenarios for Chongqing, China. Developed as part of a World Bank report. 

My UCLA Master's thesis, examining the role of charter schools in neighborhood change in Los Angeles, California.


Dec 2014  •  Report

A sectoral analysis of charter schools expansion, investment, and outcomes in Los Angeles.

Analysis of the regulatory and built environment in the Los Angeles Fashion District, along with policy recommendations. 

Animated short films in English and Spanish about the South and Southeast Los Angeles Community Plans

A web GIS platform built as a class project, designed to enable residents to map infrastructural assets and deficits. 

Analysis of the built environment in the Culver City Arts District, along with policy recommendations. 

Sep 2011  •  Manuals

Manuals developed to support community food security projects in Honduras. 

Sep 2011  •  Petition

Petition to the Honduran national government for a rural community health center.