Fashion District Next: Competitive Jobs in a Contested Space

DECEMBER 2014 | 116 PAGES | 8.5″ X 11″ SPREADS
Production methods: Adobe Illustrator and Indesign + Hand drawing + Photography
Ideal viewing format is as an Issuu book

A physical site planning project developed for a class at UCLA. My team and I studied the built environment (user, form, and policy analysis) of the Fashion District in Downtown Los Angeles, California. This unique district is at the forefront of forces for change, both locally and globally, confronting economic restructuring at multiple geographic scales. Analyses are followed by recommendations; the Fashion District must adapt in order to survive, transforming from the historical manufacturing-based economy to a New Economy fashion and design cluster. The report relies on graphics over text. Proposed physical and policy interventions complement each other, while striving to balance the existing, unique district qualities with the pressures for change.

Copy of FashionDistrict-FINALREPORT2014print.pdf